Our Male Centric society needs to change: becoming human centric and gender-equal








Us women need to know WE EXIST as much as guys do in society, and in the world. 

We need to SEE WOMEN as often as we see men in all areas of society

We need to know WE ARE AS IMPORTANT as guys are. 

We need to know that we are AS NECESSARY to all aspects of society as guys are.

We need to know that OUR VOICES ARE HEARD as frequently as guys voices.

We need AS MANY GREAT FEMALE ROLE MODELS in the media and in the public as guys have (by “media” I include film, books, TV, music/singers/bands – by “public” I include politicians).

We need to know that we are NOT OTHER

We need to know that we are NOT PERIPHERAL to society (any longer),

Instead, we need to know that we are EQUALLY CENTRAL in every aspect of society as men are.


The male voice needs to be seen no longer the generic gender-neutral voice of “human-kind” but as a gendered male voice the same way as the female voice is  seen as a gendered female voice.

I shall discuss in a later post what ways in which many aspects of our society is male-centric. If you don’t believe it is, bare with me. I shall discuss this in more detail and with examples later. Very briefly, though = so long as male singers/actors/movies/main characters are liked almost equally by guys and women, and female singers/actors/movies/main characters are liked less by women, and significantly less by guys compared with male characters/actors etc > then female being equally central as male in society (equally seen, equally important) doesn’t stand a chance. Female everything will still be seen as inferior. It will still be seen as different, as female, as “other” from the “norm” (male everything is seen as “normal”/central in most aspects of society).










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